Youth exchange

„Start Living Healthier“ – ERASMUS + granted youth exchange which took place in Kaunas, Lithuania from 19th Nov till 24th Nov. Project was implemented by the organization „Mokymosi Idėjos“ collaborating with Caucasus International University and four NGOs from Estonia, Turkey, Spain and Macedonia. 

Project name „Start Living Healthier“ reflects the main idea of the project, because we expect from participants to start live healthier after the project and encourage other youth to follow them.

In addition to frontal presentations and practical activities, innovative learning methods were used. The main point was to show theoretical knowledge in practice, which helped participants to discover the benefits and importance of healthy lifestyle, for example, we showed attractiveness of different sport activities (yoga, body-pump, basketball, etc.) in order they could choose the most suitable for themselves. All practical activities involved creative methods, like creating stories, songs, performances, related to the topic, which made non-formal education very attractive. Moreover, participants made interviews in the city to find out if Lithuanian youth is leading a healthy lifestyle and later created motivation video. What is more, two external speakers were invited to share their life experience and give useful advice. So, all activities were fun-packed learning experiences which motivated participants and other youth to take part in such activities and learn furthermore.

Another activity which helped to observe the impact of the project was school sessions. Participants went to „Kauno Gedimino sporto ir sveikatinimo gimnazija“ and were sharing their knowledge gained in the project. Also, they were encouraging youth to lead a healthy lifestyle. In order to make the presentation interesting and useful, participants were using interesting methods: divided into five teams they were speaking on different topics and involved students into presentation by making experiments, energizers and performances. These presentations improved all participant's competencies, skills and practical use of a healthy lifestyle in  a daily life. 

The direct impact of the project was cultural diversity, because participants were able to discover different cultures, mentalities and nutrition habits across the countries. Inclusion helped to create long-term contacts, new ideas, friendships and peaceful environment. Moreover, they improved English language skills, which was one of main objectives of the project.

VŠĮ „Mokymosi idėjos“  are planning to make follow up of this project in another partner country in order to create a bigger impact and approach more youth. 

Finansuojama pagal Europos Sąjungos programą „Erasmus+“