Youth exchange

Youth Olympics of health was designed to help solving current problem which is tied to considerable part of young people all around Europe. The problem is wrong attitude to healthy lifestyle or let us say negative attitude to individual principles of healthy lifestyle as regular sport activities, regular and balanced food, handling of stress etc. Project has form of 8 day youth exchange of 42 people in age of 18 to 25 years which will take place in Czech Republic.

The aim of this exchange is to change attitude of these young people towards each of the basic principles of healthy lifestyle and pass them knowledge which will help them to continue following these principles. Most of activities will be realized with methods of role playing and experiential learning. There will be particularly groups consisted of 6 young people from following countries: Czech Republic, which is also the country where the exchange will take place, Greece, Lithuania, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria, Participants will have during their stay chance to try couple of unusual team sports, they will be creating campaign against racism and xenophobia in sport, they will be also creating nutrition pyramid, they will be performing short theatre play about drugs and its effect on individuals and society and they will be actively organizing part of the agenda for other participants. During the youth exchange participants will shoot couple of videos coherent with activities and as the main goal they will create Guidebook of healthy lifestyle which will work as a clue for both them and public helping them to get inspired and to follow principles of healthy lifestyle. We will use mainly methods of nonformal education when participants will go through and will experience most of the topics of the exchange in enjoyable way.

The impact of the project will be experienced primarily by these 42 on-site participants because thanks to experience-like education it will positively form their attitudes and it will also give them enough of relevant information, knowledge and competence to empower the impact on themselves in long run but also impact on communities they live in. The chance of long-lasting impact in broader way can be seen mainly in the way how the outcome is spread – guidebook, videos and photos taken during the exchange will be available at couple of platforms across an internet therefore it will be publicly available to infinite number of people.

Date: 19.7.2015 – 26.7.2015 (2 travel days  not included).

Venue: Vranov dam, Czech Republic with two final days in Prague, Czech Republic.

Involved countries: Greece, Lithuania, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria, Czech republic.

Profile of participants: Young people in age of 18 to 25 interested in sport and healthy lifestyle.