Youth Exchange

“Media for Inclusion” is an international Youth Exchange about creating better use and taking advantages of the practical opportunities to use media in our day to day life as a very important tool for inclusion and to raise awareness on issues we face daily. MFI is a practical solution to the identified gap in improving the learning for youths with diverse backgrounds and life stories by engaging them through using media as tools for informal learning and inclusion. Media has become a major factor in our life and we cannot ignore this important tool. We hear a lot about freedom of expression, with discussions intensifying following the attack on the offices of the Charlie Hebdo’s French magazine. In these circumstances we want to equip ourselves and fellow youths with the know-how on the appropriate use of this tool, and raise awareness on various topics related to human rights, democracy, social inclusion, sports, culture, etc.

MFI also aims to expose the participants to diversity, and to allow them to learn from others' cultures, to become more aware of the values of EU citizenship, and to deal with radicalism and the lack of tolerance which at the moment is a growing problem.

We are implementing the project to improve all participants’ competencies, skills and practical use of media in daily life. The activities to be held during the youth exchange are not competitive, but fun packed learning experiences that will motivate us and other youths to take part in such activities and learn further more.

The objectives of this project, which are linked to the Erasmus+ programme key actions are:

  • The responsible use of media tools and audio visual applications for informal learning;
  • Empower participants to be responsible EU citizens;
  • Team building by working with youths of different backgrounds and cultures;
  • Promote fun, cultural awareness and tolerance;
  • Encourage youth to participate in healthy and outdoor activities;
  • Equip the youths with skills for employment;
  • Help participating youths to communicate well and build up self-confidence and self-esteem;
  • Raise awareness on social media safety;
  • Equip youths with the skills that allow them to directly participate in the democratic process of our country.

The project enhances the aims and objectives of the Erasmus+ Programme by including and giving priorities to youths that are disadvantaged, have a disability, and are encountering educational difficulties, form part of minority groups and those with fewer opportunities and social problems. 

MFI links perfectly with the Erasmus+ aims of boosting skills and employability, modernizing education, training and youth work as it provides youths with alternatives to train, gain practical experience and volunteer. 

This youth exchange will foster transnational partnerships among NGOs from six different countries: Spain, Turkey, Lithuania, Malta, Greece and Romania.